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Featured Scopes

Videos on some of our favorite rifle scopes.

Athlon Optics – Ares ETR

Ares ETR 1000 yard tracking test.

9 out of 17 shooters connect at 1000 Yards with Athlon Ares ETR!

Ares ETR Box Test

Ares ETR Promo Video

Athlon Optics – Midas TAC

Midas TAC Specifications Video.

Midas TAC 1000 Yard Tracking Test

Athlon Optics – Ares BTR

Ares BTR – The Answer

Ares BTR Specs Overview – True Zero Stop

Athlon Optics - Argos BTR

Zero Stop Solution For Argos BTR

Argos BTR Tracking To 1000 Yards

Argos BTR Slow Motion Demo

Argos BTR Review

Athlon Optics - The Cronus BTR

The Cronus BTR - Athlon Optics Flag Ship Product

The Cronus BTR vs 50 BMG - out to 1000 Yards

Setting a Zero Stop on the Cronus BTR

Cronus BTR Review