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Athlon Optics Cronus BTR (Tactical) Riflescope

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Athlon Cronus BTR Rifle Scope

Any hunt can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. For that, compromise isn’t an option.

The Cronus BTR is Athlon’s flagship Rifle Scope, and needless to say they wanted to make an impression! XPL coating is added to the already Fully Multi-Coated lenses to give you extra protection from dirt and the outdoors.

 The super-fast side parallax focus makes certain you have the clearest image in the world when it matters most.

  • Choose one of the following reticles:
    • ATSR2 SFP IR MOA (Available with the 1-6x magnification)
    • APRS FFP IR MIL (Black or Brown, Available with the 4.5-29x magnification)
    • APLR FFP IR MOA (Black or Brown, Available with the 4.5-29x magnification)
  • Cronus BTR Rifle Scopes feature either a 24mm or 56mm lens diameter, depending on magnification selection
  • Features either Single Focal Point Reticle (1-6x Magnification selection) or First Focal Point (4.5-29x Magnification selection)
  • Features Extra Low Dispersion Glass to reduce the effects of Chromatic Aberration and give you  crisp, clear picture.
  • Features Edge To Edge Clarity on the optic, meaning it stays clear even at the highest magnification. Perfect for those shots you’ll take at 30x.
  • Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Optics  – increases light transmission while reducing reflected light. This gives you a much brighter image than regular single coated lenses
  • XPL Coating – extra protection on the lenses from dirt, oil and scratches
  • High Precision Erector System –  provides the most accurate power settings and smoothest magnification change
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum  – aircraft grade aluminum tubing to protect these optics through any environment
  • Exposed Tactical Direct Dial – turrets for elevation and windage allow quick adjustment
  • Illuminated reticle – enhances visibility during dusk and dawn
  • Etched glass reticle – excellent for complex reticle design
  • Water, fog and shock proof – this scope can handle any condition and stays with you wherever you go
  • Lifetime Warranty – we guarantee you’ll love this scope, and that it will love you


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Athlon Optics - The Cronus BTR

The Cronus BTR - Athlon Optics Flag Ship Product

The Cronus BTR vs 50 BMG - out to 1000 Yards

Setting a Zero Stop on the Cronus BTR

Cronus BTR Review

Is this an ffp or sfp scope?

All Athlon Cronus BTR scopes are FFP (First Focal Plane) except for the ATSR2 SFP IR MOA reticle which is featured in the 1-6×24 magnification and objective diameter model (Athlon Model Number 210200).


Are these scopes Air Gun Rated?

Yes, the Cronus BTR is air gun rated.


What is the tube diameter?

It is 34mm tube


What size rings does it need?

34mm rings. You will want to have either mid or high rings on a bolt action rifle, I personally prefer mid sized rings. For example I use mid sized 34mm Seekins rings on my Bergara HMR.


Does it come with rings included?

No it doesn’t, but we are working on a package deal so you can get this featured.


What is the warranty?

All Athlon Optics come with a Lifetime Warranty that insures against all damage through normal use of the product. Contact Blue Line Optics through the warranty request page here and we take care of the warranty process for you.


If I don’t like it can I return it?

Absolutely. If you get the scope and decide it’s not for you within 60 days of delivery, contact us here and we will issue you a refund no questions asked.

8 reviews for Athlon Optics Cronus BTR (Tactical) Riflescope

  1. Jesse

    I love this riflescope crystal clear all the way to 29 power. Compared it to my vortex gen 2 R this Cronus BTR was a bit clearer when observing a target at 1100 yard . This scope is absolutely wonderful for the price

  2. Schur Firearm Sales

    My son and I have been shooting the Cronus BTR riflescope at PRS events all season and love the product. Chrystal clear and the MILs are dead on and track true from windage and elevation adjustments. Zero stop works perfectly. Thanks Athlon!

  3. Mark Kranz

    Fantastic scope and competes with top tier scopes at a much more affordable price point. Nice crisp and clear glass with zero chromatic aberration, tracking is spot on, turret clicks are crisp, positive, audible and tactile. The illumination is true daylight bright (best I’ve seen other than my Aimpoints) and the parallax knob and magnification lever rotate smoothly. I still have to put some more time behind it, but so far it is right there with my Razors, Atacr F1, IOR’s, etc. Also, Athlons customer service is top notch and they are a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend you try them out!

  4. Chris McInnis

    After seeing the improvements made on the second gen Midas and the world class service I had received I once again pulled the trigger. I now have the new Cronus BTR sitting on top of my RPR. My local range only goes out to 500 meters. Before all I could see were white medal gongs. But now I can see that those gongs are actually life size rabbits and chickens.

    I’m very happy with my Athlon and plan on using them in the future for other builds. Keep up the good work guys and don’t lose focus on where you started!

  5. Dustin

    I’ve shot quite a few CQB style rifle scopes, but I’ve settled on the Cronus 1-6x for several reasons. First, rapid engagement on these style scopes is very important to me. I look for a very forgiving eye-relief and wide field of view, and the Cronus delivers! Whether I am in an odd position shooting off-hand in a 3-gun match and my cheek weld isn’t the greatest, or I’m laying prone at the rifle range, I have no trouble getting on target quickly on any magnification. There is no struggling to find the eyebox. A day-light bright illuminated floating dot in the reticle draws your eye in without being busy or distracting.
    Outside of close quarters shooting, the ATSR2 Reticle really starts to shine. Bracketing your target in the subtension breaks means there is no reticle obstruction on targets at distance. The reticle even gives me quick holds for windage. At a recent 3 gun match I went 1 for 1 on the long-range portion of the stage. Rapid engagements, quick transitions and a great holdover reticle have been a huge time saver!

  6. William

    Great optic. Feels well built. Magnification adjustment is very smooth with just the right amount of tension. Focus knob is the same, smooth and tension is good. Love the reticle in Mils. Glass blew me away, competes above it’s pay grade for sure. The turrets are tactile and audible, I love the feel. Unfortunately no locking turrets but not a dealbreaker for me. Not too heavy but not a lightweight either. Lighter than a razor gen 2. The CA is nearly non existent for my eye. Does darken slightly at full magnification but all optics I’ve used do the same or worse. Highly recommend this scope!

  7. Andrew Roberson

    The milrad version of the Athlon Cronus BTR is an excellent scope. I bought it sight unseen after looking at other high end scopes, and the value seemed too good to pass up. I was able to mount the scope on a Friday, zero on a Saturday morning at a local match and hit targets based off of known drops from 93.5 to 1096 yards using the turret system. The tracking was spot on. The turrets and glass are great, and the zero stop is so simple to use. I compared to scopes that cost twice as much and I don’t feel like I am missing anything, but really feel like I got a great deal!

  8. Forest

    I use this scope in competitions a lot and get to compare it to nightforce, kahles, and vortex and I can honestly say I like this the best, straight forward design that is built to last and with some of the best glass in the world, would definitely recommend for a competition shooter or long range target shooter.

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