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Athlon Optics Ares BTR (Bright Tactical Reticle) Riflescope

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All Ares BTRs ship with updated turrets for better tracking


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When you want the best features from the top-tier riflescopes but not break the bank, look no further than the new Ares BTRfirst focal plane riflescope family. 

This feature rich riflescope is set to take the market by storm. HD Glass and advanced fully multicoated optics deliver crisp bright images for taking long range shots. The one piece tube, precision-machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum will deliver precise, accurate results all day long.

With a precise true zero stop feature, you won’t find this product in the market at this price point, it just didn’t exist until NOW!

  • Choose from one of the following magnifications:
    • 2.5-15×50
    • 4.5-27×50
  • Choose one of the following reticles:
  • Ares BTR Rifle Scopes features a 50mm lens diameter
  • Features First Focal Point Reticle – changes both the size of the target and the reticle together throughout the entire magnification range
  • Features HD Glass (what’s this?on all models to give you better light transmission, resulting in a significantly brighter and sharper image than other glass types
  • Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Optics  – increases light transmission while reducing reflected light. This gives you a much brighter image than regular single coated lenses
  • XPL Coating – extra protection on the lenses from dirt, oil and scratches
  • Precision Zero Stop System – allows you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and precise stop right at your zero mark
  • High Precision Erector System –  provides the most accurate power settings and smoothest magnification change
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum  – aircraft grade aluminum tubing to protect these optics through any environment
  • Exposed Tactical Direct Dial – these turrets for elevation and windage allow quick adjustment, engage your targets without missing a beat
  • Heat Treated One Piece Tube Construction – gives the tube extra strength and extra moisture resistance over other tubes
  • Illuminated reticle – enhances visibility during dusk and dawn
  • Etched glass reticle – excellent for complex reticle design
  • Water, fog and shock proof – this scope can handle any condition and stays with you wherever you go
  • Lifetime Warranty – we guarantee you’ll love this scope, and that it will love you (warranty details)


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12 reviews for Athlon Optics Ares BTR (Bright Tactical Reticle) Riflescope

  1. Josh Tyrrell

    This scope can’t be beat for anywhere close to its price. I sold a Bushnell tactical elite dmr that cost 300 more and replaced it with this. Turrets are very precise and repeatable reticle is crisp colors are perfect and bright with no shift. I’ve shot it against a IOR valdata at 650 yards that’s triple the price and i honesty think this had better glass. This is my second Athlon and definitely not my last

  2. Austin

    This was my very first scope purchase off of advise from a friend and… this thing ROCKS! It has amazing eye relief & very positive turrets. After being familiar with scopes that come with rifle purchases, I am amazed at all of the features that are packed into this rifle scope. I cant wait to start PRS.

  3. Chris

    Went out and shot the Ares BTR 4.5-27, I’m by no means a master with scopes, I haven’t even ever shot a S&B or USO, however, I have shot quite a few budget optics in the 3 gun world and quite a few low-mid range optics on long guns. Zeroing was pretty effortless, was zeroed in 3 shots, then confirmed with a 5 shot group. After which I took off the turrets and set the Zero stop on the elevation turret. The only hard thing here was the hex bolts that hold on the turret and zero stop seem to be metric, so I had to deal with a wrench that wasn’t quite the right size. After getting everything tightened back down, I shot 2 shots to verify that I didn’t get off at all, which I didn’t. I then proceeded to dial up and and down the full 14.3 mils that my zero allowed me with my 20 MOA base. After dialing up and down 4 or 5 times rapidly, I reconfirmed that zero didn’t shift, which, despite my best efforts bumping against the stops, didn’t shift even a little bit. After playing with the turrets I wanted to see how well they could dial for effect. I “measured” the distance between two pasties I put on a white board using the scope’s internal hash marks, dialed 2.7 mils and fired at the bottom target. Dead center impact on the top target. Bingo.

    I then went over to the 450 yard bay (longest we have at my local range) held over 2.2 mils (my dope according to my ballistic app) and fired at a 8 inch plate. Ding. I repeated this twice more. 2 more easy hits. I then dialed 1 mil and repeated the test, impact both times I fired. After this I dialed the full 2.2 mils and impacted 2 more times on that target. At this point I was getting a bit bored, so I shifted to the tail of the full size deer target we have at the range (probably 2.5 inches wide and 5 or 6 tall) the rest of my shots were all impacts.

    Oh. Did I mention that I left my house for the range at 7:00 PM. Last light was at 8:50. Most of my shooting was between 8 and 8:30, so it was pretty dark. I was thoroughly impressed by the light gathering capabilities of this scope. Granted, its probably no where near the ability of some of the more expensive scopes, but I think it did pretty well, shooting well past sundown, up until 20 minutes before last light.

    At one point, around the time I dialed the full 2.2 mills, it was getting dark to the point where it was getting a hard to make out the reticle on the black targets. I turned on the illumination on to its highest power 6, which I was immediately blinded by and turned down to 3, which provided more than enough to be able to make out the reticle.

    Compared to my 6-24 PST I’d say its glass was at least as clear, but the magnification was…. strange.. at 27x I found myself wondering why it didn’t seem as magnified as my PST at 24. Perhaps it was the FFP vs SFP playing tricks on me. I like the turrets MUCH better on the Ares than on my PST. After adjusting my PST turrets for zero I could never get the hash marks to line up again (could have been the gorilla with the wrench, who knows). At this point, I’m satisfied with my decision to “upgrade” to the Ares from the PST, though both scopes would serve anyone just fine.

    Pros: Very clear glass for the price point, fairly positive and accurate elevation turret, Good light gathering capabilities, dead accurate tracking, very bright illumination.

    Cons: Windage turret is lacking the same spunk as the elevation turret, though it seemed to be just as accurate, mirage was pretty heavy, though I was able to work through it, magnification at full didn’t seem as magnified as my 24x vortex (but this could just be me)

    Conclusion: Very impressed by the scope, positive enough turrets (see above) and very good tracking and decent enough glass. For the price, I’m very satisfied.

  4. DJ Sisk

    This is an amazing scope! Clear, and precise. Love the hard zero stop. It’s FFP and the turret clicks are crisp. My 300 Win Mag and this Ares are a deadly pair. Looking forward to Elk and Mtn Goat seasons.

  5. Carroll L LePori Jr

    The Ares BTR is a great scope for a great price. This is my second scope from Athlon. I purchased the Cronus when it came out and have been nothing but impressed with their product. The features and quality are fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

  6. Aaron Robinson

    If only the turrets were locking. Great in every other way, very positive clicks, glass is great, illumination is off between brightness settings which is a plus. Great scope for the price. Reticle is fantastic, especially at higher magnification. There isn’t a better scope out there in this price range. Many scopes $1000 more that have the same or less features. If only the turrets were locking! Maybe Gen II

  7. Ian Lewis

    There simply isn’t a scope that can match this one for the price. The clarity of the glass is that of a higher end scope. It holds a good crisp image, even at 27x zoom. The light gathering on it was better than I expected. I was still able to see through the scope in the very early morning and late afternoon. The turret is a little soft on the clicks, but still noticeable. The tracking on the scope and field of view are both good. I would definitely recommend this scope to anyone who is looking for a longer range optic.
    The only thing to watch out for, when I took this scope out on a rugged mountain hunt. The rifle was knocked around a little, one of the screws for the turret fell out and i had to Re-Zero the gun. The gun wasn’t dropped our thrown, just normal motion of being carried up and down steep terrain. Not enough to have me believe a screw should’ve fell out. This could just be a result of me not tightening the screw enough, but just keep an eye out for it!

  8. Adam

    Crystal clear optics and precise adjustment turrets. Can’t find anything to complain about. Really like the razor sharp reticle it is bright enough for sunny day use if needed.Turret clicks are on the soft side but fully functional. Very nice scope a real value at this price point, optics as good as scopes costing much more. I can’t speak to the longevity, but so far I feel like I bought a winner, I guess time will tell. It usually does.

  9. AN Adams

    Excellent scope. Glass clarity is good. Features all work well. You need to be perfectly behind it when on full power but the glass is clear and there is no milky distortions at full zoom. Clicks are a little soft and small but it lines up perfectly. Tracking is faultless. There is no scope cover or sunshade included so buy them now!

  10. James Pope

    You can’t go wrong with Athlon Ares btr ffp. In my opinion this scope can compete and beat any scope in its price range Period!, And is equal to and may best many scope costing 2X more. I have and or had ffp 24+ power Mill scopes From Nikon, Vortex, Leupold, Sig and Burris and compared all comers to the Ares and the Ares beats them ALL! Stop searching for Perfect scope wasting time get an Ares BTR 4.5-27×50 APLR3 FFP IR MIL , You will no be sorry

  11. Zach

    The Athlon Ares BTR; Many things can be said about this scope. The quality of the glass is superb. The turrets are sharp and precise. Not mushy, although having owned two of these scopes, one having better turrets then the other I was perplexed. Took the cap off the mushy one, wiped off grease. Excellent turrets now, crisp, audible, and tactile. The MOA and MIL reticle are both nice. Illumination is great it doesn’t bleed off. Tracking tests on both MIL and MOA are great, spot on. The fast focus ocular is good, smooth. Now, Athlon customer service is fantastic. I had an accident where my rifle fell of the shooting bench, dented the bell end of the scope, probably a 1in dent along the bell. I spoke to Dustin, and he got me fixed up in no time, sent me a new scope out no questions asked.

  12. John Madrick

    I now own two Argos BTR 8-34×56 and Two Ares BTR 4,5-27×50. After using testing and enjoying the clear XD glass and fantastic eye relief of the Ares BTR I couldn’t accept anything less for my LRS rifles! The Argos is a great scope and better than my Vortex Viper PST 1st edition! But after trying Ares it is far superior than any other that I have tried for anywhere close to this price! I know some think that the turret clicks are not as loud as the other scopes $300+ more expensive, but my feeling is the turret positioning is very solid when moved and loud enough. I don’t get concerned about the clicks not being loud enough! The tracking of the turrets on all my Athlon scopes are excellent and repeatable! The Athlon company has produced a wonderful LRS scope that can easily go out beyond 1000 yards without adding more MOA in the base! Compare the specs on the mil or MOA scope to others yourself on the Athlon website Look at the scope specs and you won’t find one better than this without spending 40-50% more.
    I love the zero stop on the Ares! Great job Athlon!

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